Terms and Conditions

  1. On Stage Media will not pass on your personal details to any third party. Details are purely used for contact and delivery of your order. No photos will be passed to a third party including the festival organizers without prior approval.
  2. Please do not return DVD’s to On Stage Media Australia – if there are any issues with your DVD please contact us on 03 9005 9111.
  3. Non-appearance can be refunded or credited for your next performance.
  4. It is not possible to alter the order once submitted. Please fill out the form carefully and check all details to ensure that they are correct.
  5. On Stage Media Australia do not take photos of the prize giving presentation as we do not have permission to share photos of the other performers.
  6. Orders for Troupe items will not be processed without the expressed permission of the choreographer or dance school principal. Teacher waivers are available at the sales desk or via email.
  7. Duo or Trio orders must include the signature of all performers, parents or guardians.
  8. Any orders made after the event may attract an additional fee.
  9. On Stage Media Australia reserve the right to refuse to fulfill an order should the purchaser be unable to fulfill their legal requirements under the child protection act.
  10. We are contracted by the organizer of the aforementioned event to film and photograph all performances and it is therefore the responsibility of the organizer to notify all appropriate parties of our presence.
  11. On Stage Media Australia do our best to take photos and videos of every child at every performance, however on occasion we may miss a performance due to circumstances outside of our control.