How can I view photos?

Photos can be viewed and purchased directly from our online store.

How long after the event can I view my photos?

We do our best to upload all the photos the week after the competition / concert.

For competitions this can take a little longer as we take an average of 10,000 per day and these photos must be culled before they can be and uploaded.

Where do I find the password to view my photos?

In the case of a Dance Competition – The password for the gallery that you would like to view will have been given out at the event on an On Stage Media Flyer. If you did not get a Flyer then you can email us info@onstagemediaaustralia.com for the password.

In the case of a Kindergarten or Childcare – Your centre will provide you with a personalised password for your child. As we spend between 1-2 weeks at each childcare centre, please allow 3-4 weeks from the beginning of your centres booking for your images to be uploaded.

Can I view or purchase my competition videos online?

Competition Videos Can now be ordered online. Please visit our “ORDER HERE” tab to access these. Due to privacy and the size of video files, our videos are not uploaded to our gallery. We do not offer viewing before purchase.

Do I have to pre-order my dance performance? Can I order after the event?

No Pre order is required. We record everything so you can worry about it later and don’t have the stress of having to worry before the performance.

When will I received my order?

Orders from competitions will generally take up to 4 weeks from the time of the order due to the large number of orders that we receive and postage time. This is a guide only as some orders will be receive quicker than this. If you do not have your order within this time, please contact us for an update.

Orders from the online store will be available within a few days once they are edited and prints will generally take 1-2 weeks. This is a guide only as during our quieter seasons, the times may be quicker than during peak season.

How many photos are included in a pack?

Pack orders include ALL photos from an item. What you see in the online gallery is what you receive.